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13 Aug Canadian All Star Kite Flying Game
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23 Jun Top 10 Health Benefits of Kite-Flying
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Flying kites is a typical childhood pastime in America, yet when we grow older, we tend to forget how much fun it can be. Being able to navigate a kite as the wind tugs it every which way in the sky can be an enjoyable experience for the whole fam..
22 Jun Basant A Lost Festival Of Lahore
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Basant, an event that marks the coming of spring, an event that would bring together people from all walks of life, an event that would cover the sky with colors, an event that would spread happiness ubiquitously. It was celebrated with a lot of v..
22 Jun how to make patang exclusive knowledge
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Asslam alikum kaisay hain mere sab kite flyers bhai aaj mai aap k sath kuch kite making ka knowldge share krun ga couz yeah new generation makers k bhut kam aye ga mai aap ko patang ki tilyun k size btaou ga jis say aap ko patang bnanaye mai ziada..
22 Jun How to use Thin vs Thick thread.
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Tip of the day is very interesting and useful for all kite lovers. It will help many of you in kite competition (Peech). Dear friends...First of all we must use thin threads as thick threads are not safe for human life and are the real cause of ba..
22 Jun Basant Festival (Jashn-e-Baharan)
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Amir and Zeba were a brother and sister who lived in Lahore, the second largest city in Pakistan, often referred to as ‘the cultural capital of Pakistan’.One day, when the brother and sister arrived home from school, Zeba asked her mother, ‘Do you..
22 Jun Why do I continue to decorate my fighter kites?
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The pleasure of flying with the wind is always giving movemement and painting to the sky. Where beautifully decorated static kites are hung on the gallery wall of the sky, the fighter kite adds movement and life to sky art, they are dynamic mobile..
22 Jun What shape (and size) of kite?
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At the same time as developing techniques for constructing uniquely decorated sails I have been gently developing different shaped kites – all based upon the basic frame format of the korean style kite. Each of the different shapes produces a kite..
22 Jun What is Freestyle fighter flying?
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Classical fighter kite flying is surely an aerial martial art – where individual flyers demonstrate and test their flying skills in non-lethal combat between kites. In a kite fight the manual skills of kite control are combined with strategy into ..
22 Jun 5 Benefits of Kite Flying for All Ages
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Nature, Nature, NatureFew would argue even the perceived benefits of spending time outdoors.  In a time where it has become easier and easier to spend more time inside than out, kite flying provides the perfect excuse to get up and get outside. W..
22 Jun Indian & Pakistani Kite Flying Thread type
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Vardhman Threads is one of the leading thread manufacturers in India. We produce a wide range of high quality Kite Flying threads. These products are available in Premium and Popular segments.The flagship brand in premium segment is Panda, which ..
22 Jun Kite Safety
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Kite Safety TipsKites and kite lines can be dangerous. Safety should always be your main concern.Fly your kite where it will not cause harm to yourself or other people. Kites should be flown in an open area, away from people and roads.Do:Be aware o..
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