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The is a dedicated website, which helps you to buy sports gears, from their range of varied different kinds of kites and designs to suit your needs. We are pioneer in supply of Pakistani Kites, Patang, threads and accessories. you can buy all products online with delivery to your doorstep.

Pakistani Kites Great Pakistani Fighter Kites and Accessories.
Pakistani Kites is the primary source for all your Pakistani & Indian Fighter Kites and Accessories.
Pakistani Kites, is the Leading Supplier of Pakistani and Indian Fighter Kites and Accessories in the Western World.
We bring to you over 50 years of Kite Making and Flying Experience.
Today’s Pakistani Kites, use fairly advanced techniques such as mathematical methods to control selection of sizes, shapes, materials and papers of high quality, threads and manjhas.

Pakistani Kites, are the Largest Selection of Pakistani Fighter Kites in America. Decades of Fighter Kite Making Experience.
Pakistani Kites, is a major supplier of Pakistani Fighter Kites For Bassant Festivals, Kite Festivals, Fun Fly's, Fund Raisers, Kite Competitions, Movies, Museums etc.

Pakistani & Indian Fighter Kites of all Shapes and Sizes are Available.
A Full selection of Kite Thread, Manjha, Spools [Firkis] are in Stock.
This website, we hope, will help you through the fascinating sport of Pakistani & Indian Fighter Kite Flying.

The Kite dimensions on our website are approximates.
Ideal wind conditions for Pakistani & Indian Fighter Kites = 2 - 20 MPH.
Pakistani & Indian Fighter Kites, come without the Bridle.
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