Tip of the day is very interesting and useful for all kite lovers. It will help many of you in kite competition (Peech). Dear friends...First of all we must use thin threads as thick threads are not safe for human life and are the real cause of ban on kite flying in Pakistan.

I shall explain how to use thin VS Thick thread in a Peech.

If You Are flying thin thread:

If you are fling thin thread then try to have kite fight in close range as much as possible. It is because thick thread is heavy in weight and when you catch opponents kite from throat then it's not possible for that kite to feed itself with thread whereas thin thread manages to pass through it and slits or cuts it.

If you are using Thick thread:

While using thick thread, try to do the opposite of thin thread and try to have kite fight or peech from a distance or open range...this is because thick thread has more power and from open range it will simply either break or cut the thin thread.

Apply these and see the results for yourself.

All the best.

Omar Qadi