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Manjha - Pakistani Fighter Kite Cutting Line. 
Pakisani Fighter Kite Cutting Line, is sharp. Please use the appropriate safety measures while using and storing Manjha.
Note: Lengths of  Manjha [Indian Fighter Kite Cutting Line] are Approximates. Colors of  Spool and Manjha may vary.

There are two kinds of flying line  – the plain cotton line called Sadda and the glass coated cutting line called Manjha. Most flyers will use both: the Manjha, about 100 yards of it, at the front and then the Sadda - so that you don’t cut your hands during a pench or “tangle” as it is commonly called in the West.

Manjha making is a traditional skill which is handed down over generations and families jealously guard their secret recipes for the manjha paste. The basic ingredients are powdered glass (crushed tube lights are supposedly the best!), some colour and a binding agent – generally a cooked paste of wheat or rice flour. To this each manjha maestro adds his own secret ingredients - and everybody claims that his manjha is the best!

The cotton thread is strung in eight or ten strands between two poles and the manjha maker walks up and down the length with the paste in his hands, finely coating the threads at each pass until the desired effect is achieved. The thinner, or 6 ply thread manjha, is generally preferred for its suppleness over the thicker 10 ply which might be used in stronger winds.


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