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Third Generation Plastic Hand Tri-Spinner

Third Generation Plastic Hand Tri-Spinner
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Third Generation Plastic Hand Tri-Spinner
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  • Model: O84948
  • Dimensions: 2.00in x 1.00in x 3.00in
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  • Improved design to our original spinner!
  • Newer Ergonomic Caps
  • Improved Outer Weights
  • Injection-Molded ABS Plastic Frame.
  • High-end hybrid Ceramic Bearing
  • Combat ADHD and Anxiety
  • Improve Focus and Concentration
  • Fidget at work, class, and home in style.

This Tri-Spinner is made with high-quality ABS material and is weighted with steel bearings. The main center bearing is made with a Si3N4 Hybrid-Ceramic Bearing in the Center. The Ceramic bearing allows for a smoother spin lasting 2-3 minutes.

The fidget tri-spinner adds another level of use to the original dual-bar spinner. The tri-bar device is able to be manipulated in a wide variety of ways which can be even more soothing for the user. A lot of adults with ADHD and anxiety find the tri-bar spinner configuration to be the most pleasing.

When a person suffers from ADHD or anxiety they constantly feel the need to be moving or doing something. This can lead to poor concentration and is often treated with medication such as Adderall. ADHD medications have many unwanted side effects and are not always the best route.

Fidget spinners allow adults suffering from ADHD to focus their extra energy into the toy. This can help with concentration, relaxation, and other powerful benefits.

Fidget spinners are also known to help with mild to moderate anxiety and stress. Research shows that physical activity, even a little foot-tapping, gum chewing or in our case fidget spinning, increases levels of neurotransmitters in the brain that control focus and attention. A subtle fidget may help block out distractions, fight boredom, and increase productivity.

Gender: Unisex
Age Range: > 3 years old
Diameter: 2.87 * 2.87 * 0.23in
Warning: N/A
Item Type: Single
Model Number: O84948
Material: Plastic
Plastic Type: ABS

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