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PK Fighter S

PK Fighter S
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PK Fighter S
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  • Model: Yellow & Green
  • Weight: 1.00lb
  • Dimensions: 36.00in x 5.00in x 36.00in
  • Location: Brooklyn
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Pakistani Kite Fighter. Design. Tissue Paper Tukkal Small. 30" W x 27" T. 

Style Name is

Pakistani  Fighter Kites, are made from Tissue Paper. They look great flying.

Fast in response and fly well in low to medium wind conditions. Traditional Pakistani Fighter Kite design.

Competition Class, Championship Kites. Excellent for Recreational Kite Flying, Kite Fights and Competitions.

Flagship of Pakistani Fighter Kites.

Suggested kite line for  Fighter Kites


These Fighter Kites are created so no paper material gets wasted.

Thus, occasionally you will get a Kite with the Color locations swapped.

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