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What is Kite

A kite is a flying device (aircraft) that remains tethered to an anchor point that may be static or moving.

The general rule of thumb for the flight attitude of a kite is that it should fly in a reasonably steady fashion at an angle of 15 degrees above the tether point for a sustained period of time.

Kites may be of varying size and shape. They may be constructed of a wide variety of natural or synthetic materials.

Parts of a Kite:

  • Sail: all kites have a sail or covering material.
  • Bridle: most kites have a bridle. The bridle is the set of fixed lines that attach to important points on the kite frame or sail to hold the kite in a proper flying position. A few kites fly by attaching the flying line directly to a fixed point on the kite.
  • Frame: some kites have a frame made of rigid materials. Others are constructed so that the sail and the bridle create a frame with the assistance of the wind.
  • Line: all kites require at least one flying line to tether them into the wind. Some maneuverable kites are flown on two lines (dual-line sport kites) or on four lines (quad-line sport kites).